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for saxophone (alto/tenor) and Sampo

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Francesco Vitucci, born in 1991, is a composer from Grumo Appula (Bari - Italy).



In 2016 he obtained the Academic Diploma (Bachelor) in Composition with full marks and honour, under the guidance of Biagio Putignano, at the Conservatory “Niccolò Piccinni” in Bari. With the same teacher and at the same institution he completed his studies, attend- ing the two-year experimental Master of Arts in “Technological musical disciplines - Composition”, and obtaining the Diploma in 2018 with full marks, honour and mention of the jury.

In May 2020 he obtained the Master of Advanced Studies in “Music Composition” with full marks and honour, at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, in Lugano, under the guidance of Nadir Vassena. In June 2022, under the guidance of Ivan Fedele, he obtained the Postgraduate Specialization Diploma in “Composition”, at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia (Rome), with full marks and hon- our.

At the same institution, he attended the “Electronic Music” course,
held by Michelangelo Lupone.
Currently, he is carrying out an in-depth study on the instruments and techniques of electroacoustic music, attending the Master of Arts in Electronic Music, at the “Niccolò Piccinni” Conservatory in Bari.
Among the artists with whom he specialized in courses and masterclasses, in Italy and abroad, Rein- hard Febel, Julian Anderson, Riccardo Santoboni, Daniela Terranova, Maurizio Azzan, Zeno Baldi, Giulia Lorusso and, for the deepening of instrumental techniques, Anssi Karttunen, Steven Dann, Lisa Fornhammar.



His works have been positively evaluated in various national and international composition competi- tions.
In November 2015 he participated in the First International Composition Competition “Music and Poetry between Italy and Japan”, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute of Osaka (Japan), winning a publication of the piece “Respiri erosi” for soprano, flute and guitar, performed at the Umeda Kawai Concert Hall.

In 2017 his composition “Tryptich of human sound”, for violin, cello and piano, received an extraordinary report from the jury of the third edition of the “Vittorio Fellegara” International Composition Competition, within which he is one of the three finalists.
His “5 haiku” for voice and cello are among the finalists of the International Call for Scores - Musica Perspective 2019-20, among over two hundred composers all over the world.

In March 2021, “Triptych”, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano, is winner in the International Composition Competition “Coloana infinitului” (Romania).

In 2021 he won the First Prize in the International Composition Competition “2 Agosto” with the piece “Nelle pieghe” for orchestra, performed in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna by the Teatro Comunale Orchestra, conducted by Marco Angius and broadcast on RAI 5 and RaiPlay (Rai Radiotelevisione italiana).

In the same year, his piece “Stella” (taken from “Liriche dell’etere”) won the “Best piece of the trilogy” award and the “Best piece among the youngest composers”, within the 1st Composition Competition “Lirica da camera su testi di poeti e scrittori delle Case Museo di Romagna”.
In May 2022, his piece “Neve / Schnee”, for soprano and piano, based on a text by Tilo Krause, won the Jurypreis and the Publikumpreis, at the “Junges Lied-Wettbewerbes” competition in Zurich.

In October 2022 he won the Grand Prix in the 4th International Composer Competition “New Music Generation 2022”, organized by the Kazakh National University of Arts.


Artistic and concert activity

Ordinary member of S.I.M.C. Italy (Italian Society of Contemporary Music), his works are performed in concerts and contemporary music festivals, in Italy and abroad. Only a part of it is reported below, in chronological order.
Among the most prestigious occasions, it is important to mention the staging of the ballet “La Tempesta”, the result of collaboration with the UCI (University of California Irvine), for which he com- posed the piece “Charm and Dissolution” for flute, guitar , violin, cello and electronics; also in America, the performance of his work “Trio” for violin, cello and piano, an educational piece, within the “Contemporary 4 kids” III Edition review in Buffalo (USA); in Pučišća (Croatia) the performance of “Fantasia con Fuga e Finale” for piano.

As a member of the EGCAM group, for applied music, in 2015 he created a sonorization for the Festi- val of Contemporary Sacred Art “Pro Arte Pro Deo” XXIII edition in Monteroni di Lecce, presenting two works for synthetic sounds, “Di luce e attimi lontani” and “Istanti d’ombra”. In relation to the composition of music applied to video art, he participates in the multimedia project “Comporre Insieme”, promoted by S.I.M.C. and L’Artificio - New circle of artists, presenting “Imprinting” (Reggio Emilia, December 2018).

He has also collaborated several times with soloists, ensembles and orchestras of the institutions in which he studied. For the Orchestra of the Conservatory “Niccolò Piccinni” of Bari he wrote the “Variations” for orchestra, performed in 2016, and “Daedalus” for orchestra and fixed electronics, per- formed in 2018. In May 2019, the world premiere of Hex-A for string sextet takes place, entrusted to the soloists of the Arrigoni Strings Academy (San Vito al Tagliamento). More recent is the first per- formance, in Lugano , of “Dove Calisto luce”, a piece for piano and percussion. In May 2021, the world premiere of “Pinax” for solo violin takes place at the Teatro Studio Borgna (Parco della Musica - Rome). In June 2022, at the same Teatro Studio, the first performance of “Corpora” took place, for eleven instruments, entrusted to the Ensemble 900 (National Academy of Santa Cecilia) conducted by Maestro Pasquale Corrado.

In November 2022, at the Sala della Musica of the Municipality of Ferrara, “Cartigli” for piano and ensemble is presented, the world premiere of which is curated by the soloists of the Este Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Fabio Gentili.


Artistic residences

Among the latest experiences of artistic residency, “Mousiké et Areté” - 2nd Edition stands out, an initiative promoted by the italian Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali in collaboration with the Orchestra della Magna Grecia and ArCoPu, for which he composed “Taras”, a cantata for baritone, choir and orchestra, dedicated to the city of Taranto (in which he was composer in residence) and performed in March 2021; he is composer in residence also in Saint-Étienne (France), in May 2021, for the Journées Art & Science 2021, on the occasion of which he presents “At the origin of” for saxophone and Sampo (live electronic processing device); in 2022 he was a guest of the “Creative Dialogue France” artistic residency program, at the Château de Beauchêne in Champtocé-sur-Loire (France), an occasion for which he created “Sospira l’acqua”, premiered at the Abbey of Saint-Florent-le-Vieil.


Other activities

In October 2020 the Puglia Region awarded him a certificate of professional qualification as “Responsible of music composition and writing”, a recognition that allows him to start some collaborations with the Paolo Grassi Foundation of Martina Franca.
Since November 2020 he teaches Music Analysis in a seminar for students of the Master of Arts in Orchestral Conducting, at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland. In April 2021, at the same institution, he collaborated with Nadir Vassena, as assistant to the Algorithmic Composition course, within the Composition course.

He regularly carries out teaching activities in Music Technologies, at Second Grade Secondary Schools in Italy.

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