Contemporanea during a pandemic.
Twenty-fourth edition.
During this very year, the same year we wanted to bring artists and the public together, imagining a space with no stage and no audience, we have to face pressing (and necessary) legislations that forbid us to do so.
Making a virtue out of a necessity, the spaces of our Agorà have expanded.
A broad square where we can benefit from safety, during a complex moment for any activity.

Many the collaborations for this edition of the festival, some already successfully tested in the past, others new and stimulating,
each one, we believe, capable to evoke our deep perceptive abilities.
The thirteenth edition of the international composition contest “Città di Udine” ends its long journey, that started in October 2019.
The number of participating works, as for the past editions, is very pleasing: 455 compositions originating from 49 different countries.
Many the events that involve solo artists and repertoires that range over various thematic fields.
This year, as in the past, we are giving space to musicologist studies through an illustrious collaboration with the University of Graz.
The format “Dialoghi e suoni” (Dialogue and sounds), an event that we deeply care about and that we have already successfully tested during previous editions, is back and this year its protagonist will be Stefano Gervasoni with his compositions.

During a period as globally complex as the one we are living, we are pleased to highlight the help that public and private institutions are giving in order to carry on supporting the cultural events of our Region.
Their precious attention and care allow us to keep on proposing cultural projects dedicated to experimental music.

Cristina Scuderi - Vittorio Vella 


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