Morena Mestieri - flauto

Paola Fundarò - oboe

Anna Bellagamba - pianoforte


  Teresa Procaccini   Trio per flauto oboe e pianoforte op. 225
1   Allegro vivace e impetuoso
2   Andantino
3   Presto
4 Robert Delanoff   Tenerezze
5 Mauro Cardi   Arabesque
6 Jan Freidlin Eclogue to Echo
  Jan Freidlin Grottesque et Buffonade
7   Grottesque
8   Buffonade
9 Nickos Harizanos A day to the Circus op. 116
10 Carlo Mastropietro Jazz Lied
11 Carlo Mastropietro Fiction Sonata


Ecoensemble Trio is one of the few European instrumental ensembles entirely dedicated to the study and interpretation of the flute, oboe and piano repertoire.

The group pays particular attention to the research and study of the repertoire of original compositions for these instruments that established itself during the Twentieth Century when composers began to widen their research for original sonorities. Besides the original repertoire there exist a significant number of transcriptions of classical and modern pieces for this instrumental group and also brilliant and virtuosic fantasias on operas and orchestral works. 

Ecoensemble Trio has been working for many years and it released two CD in 2004 (Eurarte) and 2012 (La Bottega Discantica) entirely composed of original works for flute, oboe and piano, all of them rarely performed and some recorded for the first time. Critics specialized in this field have welcomed the CD and have particularly appreciated not only the Trio’s thorough research of material and fidelity to the original scores, but also the brilliance of the performance. 

Ecoensemble Trio is dedicated now to enlarging its repertoire, commissioning original works and transcriptions - following the tradition of chamber ensembles that study “minor” repertoires -, and  capturing the attention of contemporary composers for minority interest groups ensembles. 

All the original compositions included in this CD are been commissioned by Ecoensemble Trio, who gave their first performance, and are dedicated to the Trio itself.  







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