Gianluca Campagnolo: Clarinet
Francesco Scrofani Cancellieri: Piano
Uccio Di Maggio: Performing Voice
Robert Mackay: Computer
Judith Shatin: Electronic Playback
Alex ShapiroPeter Terry and D. Gause: Pre-recorded Electronics


William O. Smith (1926) 
for Clarinet ensemble (1982) - 3:55

William O. Smith (1926)
7 Haiku 
for Clarinet and Piano (1987) - 7:49

Slowly unfolding - 1:04
Keening - 1:07
Bright - 1:05
Misterious - 1:08
Bold - 1:01
Singsing - 1:02
Aggressive - 1:22

William O. Smith (1926)
for two Clarinets with one player (1989) - 5:51

Meditative - 1:07
Lyric - 1:05
Ethereal - 1:26
Agitated - 1:08
Meditative - 1:05

Robert Kurdybacha
for Clarinet and Piano (1994) - 7:42

M.M. = 50 ca - 2:50
M.M. = 144 ca - 1:03
M.M. = 40 ca - 3:49

Alex Shapiro
Water Crossing 
for Clarinet and Preñrecorded Electronics (2002) - 9:47 

Peter Terry (1957)
Echoes of the Invisible 
for Clarinet and Preñrecorded Electronics (2003) - 5:31 

Judith Shatin
Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai 
for Amplified Clarinet and Electronic Playback (2004, rev. 2006) - 8:00

D. Gause
el rastro espanol 
for Demi Clarinet, Clarinet, Tubes and Piano (2006) - 5:15
World Premiere Recording

D. Gause
rain of the heart, reign of the soul 
for Clarinet and Preñrecorded Electronics(2007) - 6:35

Robert Mackay
for Clarinet and Computer(2009) - 6:52


This CD creates special atmospheres using the clarinet in unusual ways: joining it with electronics, using the ìchopped clarinetî, with the mouthpiece in only the upper or lower part of the instrument, or using the extraordinary sonority of the double clarinet, after the manner of the double aulos of the ancient Greeks to excite special moods in the listener. 


Gianluca Campagnolo

Official artist of BUFFET CRAMPON, VANDOREN REED, LOMAX CLASSIC MOUTHPIECES and the BACKUN BARRELS, Gianluca Campagnolo enjoys a highly active artistic career all over Sicily, in Italy, and abroad. As a clarinetist, he is the recipient of numerous National Prizes and has frequently performed at conferences. He has taken part in several programs on private and public networks - as RAI ñ and in broadcast. A composer and a member of SIAE, Campagnolo has published many compositions, essays and articles, and has been a jury member for various National and International Competitions. He has recorded for Centaur, Bongiovanni, Amadeus Arte, Eco, and Taukay, and is the author of the Complete Method for Clarinet, a 10-volume series printed by By Bess, and the New Complete Method for Clarinet, a 12-volume publication completely dedicated to the clarinet, published by C.D.B. He has also published for Amadeus Arte, Eco, Armelin and Artemide. 

Campagnolo has performed with the Teatro Massimo Orchestra in Catania, the Youth Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra, the Iblea Symphonic Orchestraë and the Capita Selecta Hollandian Orchestra. He has lectured on the methodology of the expressive arts at Catania University, and on clarinet performance at Jakarta Pelita Harapan University and El Salvador University. 



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