Contemporanea 2010 - Electro-acoustic (Codice: TAUKAY 136)

Gabriel Dufour-Laperrière

First Prize absolute 
for the Electro-acoustic music section

Tom Williams
Special Mention and medal
of the Senato della Repubblica Italiana 
for the Electro-acoustic music section

Massimo Carlentini
Saturation Z
for zampogna a paru and electronics
Giancarlo Parisi - zampogna a paru

Gustavo Delgado
In bilico

Sébastien Lavoie
In My Camaro

Kuei-Fan Lin
Id, super ego, and ego

Roeland Luyten

Åke Parmerud
Crystal Counterpoint

Adam Stansbie

Massimo Carlentini (1966) - Diploma in piano and Electroacoustic music, he has studied composition and he has attended several masterclasses with K. Stockhausen, B. Truax etc. 
Mr. Carlentini’s music has been selected and performed at various international festivals: Italy, Chile, Porto Rico, United Kingdom, France, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia and Netherlands. 
Mr. Carlentini won the second prize at the XXII International Competition “Luigi Russolo” (Varese), Honorary Mention at the International Electroacoustic Music Competition “Musica Nova 2001” (Prague). He also won at the ICMC 2001 (Havana) and was mentioned at the 29nd and 32nd Councours International de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques (Bourges), ICMC 2010 (New York). 
His pieces have been published by ARS Publica, Fondazione Russolo-Pratella, ICMC 2001, Suvini Zerboni, Society for Elektroacoustic Music, DISContact, Electronic Music Foundation, CEMAT, IMVB. 
Teacher of Electronic music at the Conservatory in Catania (Sicily).
Gustavo Delgado - Born in Buenos Aires in 1976. He did his degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition in Argentina and Italy at the Conservatory of Music Santa Cecilia (Rome) under tuition of composer Giorgio Nottoli.
Gustavo Delgado’s credits are in acousmatic music, music for videoarts, music for cell video tones, music for opening events, live electronics, pop music, music for theater plays and TV documentaries.
His works have been selected in many musical contests: 1st prize: National Arts Contest 2010 (Electroacoustic Music Category), Benevento (Italy); Finalist: International Contemporary Music Contest Città di Udine 2010 (Italy); Financial support: “Riccardo Bevilacqua” 2010 (Italy); Finalist: International Contemporary Music Contest Città di Udine 2004 (Italy); Financial support by Antorchas Foundation (2002); First Prize: Composition/Contest Juan Carlos Paz 2001 (Argentine Arts Council)…;
Gustavo Delgado lives in Rome where he works as a freelance composer/sound programmer and computer music educator.


Gabriel Dufour Laperrière lives and works in Montreal as a composer, sound artist and double bass player. He studied at Le Conservatoire de musique de Montréal with Serge Provost. As a composer, he dedicates his time to mixed media, instrumental composition and film scores. As a sound artist, he mainly works on installations involving photography, video or live crickets. He participates in various projects in collaboration with visual and sound artists. He is co-founder of L’Appentis, a virtual gallery for sound and image and a member of La Machine, an odd instrumental music group dedicated to new and rarely played music. He is also a member of Ekumen, a group dedicated to promoting new electroacoustic music in all its forms. He’s been rewarded twice by the canadian foundation SOCAN. The Canada Arts Council and the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec has supported his works which were presented in cities in North America and Europe such as Bordeaux, Amsterdam, Berlin, Udine, Montréal, Québec city and Nashville.


Sébastien Lavoie - During his Classical Singing studies at Vanier College, he discovered the works of Jean-Claude Risset and Francis Dhomont at the notable concert series « Rien à Voir ». That was the foundation that led him to study electroacoustic composition, which he is currently doing at Université de Montréal, under the guidance of Robert Normandeau.
Sebastien regards himself as belonging to this new generation of students in music who uses the Laptop as a musical instrument. And this compositional tool enables him to develop as much on a stage as in a studio.
What he likes in electroacoustic music, is the possibility, thanks to the technologies, that can make alloys between several musical sonorities and styles.
Sound explorator, Sebastien travels through the diverse avenues of noise and music in order to capture and compose the novel sounds. 


Kuei-Fan Lin was born in Taiwan in 1984. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in Composition and Master of Musical Arts in Composition and Theory from National Taipei University of Education (2006/2008), where she studied with Yu-Chung Tseng. In January 2010, she entered the University of Arizona and studies for her DMA degree in composition with Craig Walsh.
Her compositions cover a wide range of instrumentation, from chamber music to symphonic compositions and computer music. Her acoustic and electro-acoustic music has been performed in Taiwan, including the Festival of Taipei Electronic-Acoustic Music, International WOCMAT & New Media Conference, CAVE & NTUE-CMS Computer Music and Multimedia Art, and Taiwan Computer Music Concert. 
She has received numerous prizes, among them: Third Prize and Mention Award for the 4th MUSICACOUSTICA (2007), Mention Award for National On-line Arts Creativity Composition (2007), Third Prize for the 6th Taiwan Computer Music Competition (2010).


Roeland Luyten was born in Louvain, Belgium in 1977. He made his first acquaintance with electronic sounds as a kid, when he was fascinated by science-fiction and horror movies. At the age of 8 he went to the music academy in Louvain to study music theory and flute. During high school, he learned to play electric guitar and effects pedals by playing in a music band with his friends. After high school he continued having interest in music which made him decide to study classical music and flute at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. There he found his real passion in the studio for composition of electro acoustic music under the guidance of Joris de Laet. In 2002 he finished his classical studies of flute at the Conservatory of Tilburg, Netherlands. 
Since then Roeland works as a composer and sound engineer along with various theater and dance productions in collaboration with choreographers in Belgium and abroad.


Åke Parmerud has been working full time with music and multimedia art since late –70. Being trained as a photographer between 1972-74, he studied music at the University and later at the Conservatory of Music in Göteborg, Sweden. His list of works includes instrumental music as well as electro acoustic compositions, multi-media and interactive art, video and music for theater, dance and film. He is the most rewarded composer of electro acoustic music since 1978 when his piece “Proximities” received a first prize in the international festival for music in Bourges, France. At two occasions has he received the Swedish “grammy” award for best classical album of the year and in 1997 his work “Grains of Voices” was performed in the New York head-quarters during the United Nations day. Music by Parmerud has represented the Swedish Radio in Prix Italia at two occasions and he has composed a number of works commissioned by international institutions in Canada, Holland, France, Germany, Norway and Denmark.


Adam Stansbie (1981) is a sound artist involved in the creation and performance of electroacoustic music. He has presented works at festivals and concerts throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australasia and has won numerous awards, including: Residency Prize at the Bourges International Competition, (France, 2006), First Prize at the International Acousmatic Competition ‘Metamorphosis’, Category A (Belgium, 2006), First Prize at the Destellos Competition (Argentina, 2010). 
Adam has worked in various prestigious European studios (including the IMEB, France (2007, 2008), Musiques et Recherches, Belgium (2009), VICC, Sweden (2010) and USSS, UK (2010)). In addition, he has taught at several UK Higher Education institutions; Adam is currently Senior Lecturer in Music, Sound and Performance at Leeds Metropolitan University.
Escapade was composed in the studios at Musiques et Recherches, Belgium. I am extremely grateful to Annette Vande Gorne for her hospitality and support.


Tom Williams was born in Plymouth (UK) in 1956. He studied composition at Huddersfield and Keele Universities and completed his DMA in composition at Boston University. His music has received numerous international performances and broadcasts; these include BBC, SEAMUS, Sonorities, EMMF, HCMF, Expo, ACMC, Futura, Sonus, NYCEMF and several ICMC events. 
He was a prizewinner of the ALEA III 1993 composition competition for his piano and tape piece Ironwork; his acousmatic work Break was a finalist of 2004 Music Viva, and “Shelter” received an honourable mention in Bourge, IMEB 2006. The 2007 CD featuring his music, “Taking Shelter”, was described as “detailed acousmatic work in the great UK tradition of restraint and passion” (Kevin Austin). 
Recent compositions include Leaf for Hulusi, live electronics and fixed media. 
In 2009 he was appointed Principal Lecturer and Course Director for the BA in Composition at Coventry University. Further Information at:


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