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International Composition
Città di Udine

XIV edition


28 October 2023 - 9:00 PM
Teatro San Giorgio - Udine


Yota Kobayashi (Japan) Ryo Kanda (Japan)
Kūsou / 왕宮 - Leaves of Realities (dur. 07:48 - video)
Yu-Chung Tseng (Taiwan)
Soundscape Beyond Black and White (dur. 07:50 - stereophonic)
Benjamin Thigpen (France)
pulse ii (dur. 08:56 - quadraphonic)
Emre Eröz (Turkey)
Uncanny Resonances (dur. 05:14 - stereophonic )
Manolo Müller (Switzerland)
Le réel (dur. 08:55 - stereophonic) 
David Q. Nguyen (USA)
Texture Arc The Points (dur. 09:56 - octophonic)
Robert Sazdov (Australia)
Sv. Ilija (dur. 09:47 - stereophonic)
Taufan ter Weel (The Netherlands)
Probability Density (dur. 05:48 - quadraphonic)
Tutte le opere in programma sono risultate finaliste 
al Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Città di Udine.







29 October 2023 - 9:00 PM
Teatro San Giorgio - Udine

International Composition Competition Città di Udine Performance of the winning works

Alessandro Vigolo, flauto
Nicola Mansutti, violin
Alessio Venier, violin
Lucia Zazzaro, viola
Francesca Favit, cello
Fabio Serafini, conductor

Program: João Pedro Oliveira (Portugal)
Coalescence (dur. 09:38 - video)
First Prize absolute for the “Audiovisual projects” section
Gilles Gobeil  (Canada)
Un cercle hors de l’arbre (dur. 09:54 - stereophonic)

First Prize absolute for the “Electroacoustic music” section

Hon Ning Cheung (Hong Kong)
for cello solo

Award of the FIDAPA BPW Italy – Section of Udine

Jean-Patrick Besingrand (France)
Des détritus sous la glace
for violin, viola, cello

First Prize absolute for the 
“Compositions for chamber instrumental group” section
Graziano Riccardi (Italy)
Figure del dissimile
for flauto solo

Prize ex aequo for the “Compositions for solo instrument” section

Tomoya Yokokawa (Japan)
侍従 - The scent of autumn breeze
for viola solo
Prize ex aequo for the “Compositions for solo instrument” section 
Zaid Jabri (Syria /Poland)
Prelude and Adagio in memoriam Krzysztof Penderecki
for string quartet
Special Prize Piero Pezzé (founded by his heirs 
in memory of the Friulano composer who passed away in 1980)
Martin Bédard (Canada)
Honey (Architectures from silence no.1) (dur. 09:02 - stereophonic)
License for the “GRM TOOLS complete II” plug-ins
offered as a prize by INA GRM
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