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INA GRM, the prestigious French institution that is a point of reference in contemporary electroacoustic music, will also be at our side for the new edition of the 'City of Udine' international composition competition.

Since its founding by Pierre Schaeffer in 1958, the Ina’s Musical Research Group (Ina GRM) has been a unique place for creation, research and conservation in the fields of electroacoustic music and recorded sound.

As a response to the expectations of musicians, composers and sound designers Ina GRM has focused on developing a range of innovative tools to treat and represent the sound, today widely recognized: the GRM Tools.

Major composers of the XXth century have worked in GRM and contributed to develop the ideas and trends of contemporary music. Figures like Pierre Henry, Luc Ferrari, Olivier Messiaen, Iannis Xenakis, or François Bayle have all contributed in the exploration of music using technology. More than 300 composers have composed more than 1800 works to constitute a unique collection of works, many of them accessible on media. 

GRM has always accompanied new and major technological evolutions, particularly as computers emerged, but also to conceive new systems to project sound into space thanks to an exceptional tool used for concerts, the Acousmonium.

As part of the National Audiovisual Institute (Ina) since 1975, the Musical Research Group has been at the forefront of the electronic and electroacoustic musical scenes, thus reviving its historical repertoire whilst conducting an ambitious scheme of musical creation. Because it is essential to involve the public in this scheme, the concerts organised by the Ina GRM as part of the Multiphonies and PRÉSENCES Électronique festivals also provide a space for discovery and exchange.

Rai Radio3 is media partner and will follow the competition through the national frequencies with the radio broadcast “Radio3 Suite”.



















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