Festival di Nuova Musica 

Since twenty years Delta Produzioni associazione culturale has been organizing a New Music Festival, in collaboration with TEM - Taukay Edizioni Musicali.
For those who are interested, it is possible to support our initiative by purchasing a CD from the contemporary music catalog of Taukay Music Publishing House.
By simply clicking the images below you will have access to the e-commerce website. After a quick procedure you can make the purchase on iTunes (in digital format) or receive the requested publications directly at home.

It is also possible to make a donation to support our activities by using the link "paypal donate" from this LINK

To make a donation it is possible to use the following bank number:

Delta Produzioni Associazione Culturale will be happy to answer any questions or clarify any points regarding contributions.

Thank you for your support.

Delta Produzioni Associazione Culturale


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