Se Qatre Khun (Three Drops of Blood) (Code: 220-10)


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LENGHT:  5:33 


Mattia Benedetti is a composer and improviser.
He studies History Anthropology Religions in Rome and Electronic Music and New Technologies in Perugia.
He attended workshops and master classes with Nicolas Bernier, James Dashow, Marco Momi, Brigitta Muntendorf, Mdi Ensemble and others. As a performer and improviser, he took part in conductions with Francesco Giomi (LFO#9) and Simone Pappalardo (Fields), performing on electric guitar and laptop.
His works have been presented in Perugia (Segnali 2018), NewYork (ICMC-NYCEF 2019), Buenos Aires (Atemporánea 2019) and Salta (Espacios Sonoros 2019). He took par t in Premio San Fedele 2019 (Milano) and Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2019 (L’Aquila).
He’s trying to create music that resembles an open world, without a centre but full of internal connections and ambiguous self resemblances.
He’s trying to create music that resembles an island, isolated from everything, an extreme habitat where only endemic organisms live.

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