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For drums

Corpo/spazio/suono (Body/space/sound)

A reflection on silence

Music byRoberto Dani


“Between pure composition and improvisation, Dani stands out in the international landscapes as one of the most extraordinary musicians active today, he is the author of performances that involve mind, body and sound in a union of incredible expressive power.”

Carlo Boccadoro


“An indescribable musician, Dani has created a space that goes beyond dualisms up until the sphere of immanency: a space that for this very reason cannot be described. It’s difficult to reason around immanency, the only way to reach it is to live the experience. It would be a mistake to reduce this performance to a few labels: what matters is how the precision of the musical detail and that of the stage action have reached a synthesis between natural and supernatural.”

Elia Moretti


Roberto Dani - self-taught musician. His research, focused on the border between improvisation and preparation, examines the relationship between sound, body and space.

As well as having collaborated with Annette Peacock, Stefano Battaglia Trio and the illustrious record company ECM records, RAM with Michele Tadini, since 2003 he has favoured the solo performance for drums, situation which he particularly appreciates.

After his debut with the progressive rock band Devil Doll, which soon gained international recognition, his unusual style has often brought him to approach contemporary theatre and sound-performance: as percussionist and performer for the project Klangmobil with the Ensemble Interface, for the multi-medial show by Michele Tadini Duell(O), for the opera by M. Baliani Il Sogno di Una Cosa with music by Mauro Montalbetti and performed by the Ensemble Sentieri Selvaggi; for the projects Luce Nera and Non Ricominciamo la guerra di Troia, project for six batteries and with Patricia Zanco as the narrating voice, Ulisee with M. Paolini and G. Gaslini, and also for numerous collaborations with the world of contemporary dance. He has collaborated with the contemporary music Ensemble Sentieri Selvaggi for the performance of Carlo Boccadoro’s compositions and, at a later time, with the same composer, he has recorded music for ballet commissioned by the Milan theatre La Scala.

Currently, he has an intense performing activity around the world and he is also active as a teacher within the field of improvisation with the interdisciplinary musical laboratories “Forme Sonore”.

He has over 90 recordings to his name.

The most notorious are

-Images with N. Winstone, G.Venier, H.Sieverts

Interférences, with M.Godard, K. Gregory

Instants-Live at Teatro Olimpico, with L. Sclavis, V. Courtois, K. Gregory

Drama  (drums solo)

Lontano (drums solo)












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