The proposal of a streaming concert, an event which was already extensively offered during past editions of the festival, is back in the agenda of this year as a choice and a necessity. The exhibition, an out-and-out acousmatic concert, will be centred around electroacoustic material, originated mostly from various international calls for works, organised recently by Delta produzioni associate and the musical publisher house Taukay Edizioni Musicali; the calls for works involved thousands of composers from all over the world. The link to the event will be available starting from the evening of the 13th October until the last day of the festival, the 24th October.


Michele Biasutti, composer and university professor, has already been recognised at international contests (L. Russolo, Bourges, Societé de Musique Contemporaine du Québec, Pierre Schaeffer …) and his works have been performed at festivals in Europe, America and Asia. He has often been a member and the President of juries for international composition contests; some of his compositions have been analysed for PhD dissertations in the USA. He has also held the position of composer in residence for the University of Massachusetts and that of director for international research programs. Biasutti promotes the idea of “ecologic” music, music that tries to retrieve the fundamental elements of the human nature, reevaluating the primary field of auditory perception. He is also interested in the relationship between scientific thought and musical logic, applying his discoveries to his own composition process. Discography: Artis-Cramps (ARCD 062), Rivo Alto (CRR 9511, CRR 9610), Ef. Er. P94, MV001.


Rocío Cano Valiño - Composer and interior designer. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in contemporary composition at the CNSMD de Lyon (France) with F. ROUX, M. MATALON and M. TADINI. Her works have been awarded at the Destellos Foundation, the Exhibitronic, Luigi Russolo... Her compositions have been selected and performed in various festivals around the world. Rocío has received commissions from Radio France - GRM - Festival Presences, Studio Césaré, Ibermúsicas, FNArtes... In 2017, the label Resterecords published hers first monographic album Tâches. Her music is published by Babel Scores, Score Follower, Musiques & Recherches, Monochrome Vision, Taukay Edizioni Musicali and Phas.e.



Riccardo Dapelograduated in Piano, Composition and Electronic Music. Winner in 1994 of the International Contest  "Brandenburgische Sommerkonzerte" and finalist in many others. He has numerous publications on the synthesis and analysis of the human voice, on spatialization, on the application of new technologies to artistic creation, on the philosophy of art, on time in music. He collaborated with several sculptors in installations and interactive works. He designs temporary or permanent sound installations for museum and exhibition spaces, visual works that contain digitally synthesized images. His works are published by Arspublica. Since 2013 he has been teaching Composition and Electronic Music in Piacenza Conservatory.



David Holland is an award winning, internationally performed composer and published researcher. In 2017 he was awarded a PhD in the field of Music, Technology and Innovation from De Montfort University (UK). His research has focused on widening access to new forms of music and the powerful role that creativity can play in this. In 2020 he was a winner in RMN Classical’s ‘Call for Electroacoustic Works’ as well as a finalist in the Città di Udine 2020 competition and in 2014 he was a finalist in the Bangor Dylan Thomas Prize for Electroacoustic Composition at Bangor University (UK). His works have been selected for a number of international events such as CIME (Poland), Sound and Image (UK), SONIX #5 (Czech Republic), EMAS (UK), Ecos Urbanos festival (Mexico), Noisefloor Festival (UK).


Filippo Mereu graduated in Music and New Technologies with a Master of Arts in Electronic Music, summa cum laude, at the "G.P. da Palestrina". He has composed music for contemporary dance events, theater, contemporary art exhibitions and sound installations for public and private spaces. He also carries out the necessary field recordings, mixing and mastering. He attended various training courses and seminars held by the following composers: Elio Martusciello, Xabier Iriondo, Luigi Ceccarelli, Stefano Zorzanello, Marco Donnarumma, Romeo Scaccia, Marcel Wierckx, Bernard Fort, Tim Hodgkinson, Lionel Marchetti. His electroacoustic compositions and his video works have been selected and performed at various international festivals: XIX CIM, Tempo Reale, DI_stanze, EMUFest, MA/IN MAtera INtermedia, AI-MAAKO, Time In Jazz, Signal, Accademia Cinema Toscana, Music In Touch, Miniere Sonore, Spazio Musica, Contemporary Festival.


Eduardo Palacio - Eduardo Palacio - Mexican composer,Trinity College London associated.
Then he moved to France, and he obtained certificates in instrumental and electroacoustic composition

2016/2019: Programmed in the MUSLAB festival (Argentina, Brazil & Spain)

2018/2020: Selected in the Interactive Art Exhibition IN-SONORA 10 & 11 - Spain

The Electroacoustic Contest of Destellos Foundation - Argentina, awards him

2018/2020: Programmed of the festival FUTURA - France

2020: Winner at the Luigi Russolo Award - France / International

Honorable mention in Sound Spaces/Hertzbreakerz - Sweden

Selected at the ICMC International Computer Music Conference 2011 - Chile

Finalist of the Electroacoustic Music Competition SIMEC, France / International

Programmed by the Laboratori Fabbrica del Vapore In the Contemporary Music Hub - Italy



David Holland (UK - 1971)

First Rituals - 2019 (dur. 08:58 - stereofonia)


Eduardo Palacio (Messico - 1978)

Frac>Tal_3 - 2020 (dur. 09:56 - stereofonia)


Michele Biasutti (Italia - 1963)

Deep Sea - 2000 (dur. 09:42 - stereofonia)


Riccardo Dapelo (Italia - 1962)

PniB_QicD - 2019 (dur. 07:07 - stereofonia)


Filippo Mereu (Italia - 1983)

This is not a violin - 2019 (dur. 07:35 - stereofonia)


Rocío Cano Valiño (Argentina - 1991)

Astérion - 2018 (dur. 08:22 - stereofonia)





























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