Giulio Colangelo is a composer and an intermedia artist based in Italy, graduated cum laude in “Electroacoustic Music Composition” at the Conservatory of Frosinone (Italy) under the supervision of the composer Alessandro Cipriani and Giampiero Gemini.  
His artistic research uses parallel languages in order to create complex perceptive experiences. It is focused on instrumental experimentation and electroacoustic/acousmatic compositions, on visual art and sound installations, in the domain of the intermedia development.
His works have been performed and awarded in several international contests in Italy, U.S.A., Canada, Germany, England, Irland, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia, Taiwan, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Rep.Korea, South Africa, Unghery, The Netherlsands 
His works have been exhibited in several international contests and broadcasted on Radio France and Radio4. 
He is the artistic director of the MA/IN festival (digital art festival), held in Matera (Italy) since 2016.

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