Brad Gill (b.1976) began serious musical studies with a focus on xylophone and percussion, later developing an interest in composition, which he explored while a student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (from which he has an Honours degree and Ph.D. and also undertook studies in the Department of Studies in Religion) as well as the University of Western Australia. During this time he developed an interest in non-Western music, undertaking study in Javanese Gamelan and Tabla, as well as studying jazz vibraphone in addition to composition studies, resulting in a broad musicality and highly individual and compositional style.

He has written for a wide range of music ensembles, from symphony orchestra to solo piano, with a focus on music for percussion and voice. Gill's focus is on experimentation with rhythmic and formal elements, and microtonal harmony as well as incorporating developments in atonal theory.

His music has been performed by a range of ensembles and soloists, including the Song Company, Ensemble Offspring, members of Elision, Western Australia Symphony Orchestra New Music Ensemble under Roger Smalley, Australian Piano Quartet, pianists Kerry Yong, conductor Barry Webb, and the Sydney Conservatorium Percussion Ensemble. A number of works have been recorded for broadcast by the ABC.

As a percussionist Gill has performed in a variety of ensembles, with a focus on participating in performances of his own music. More recently this activity has expanded into performing works of a number of colleagues, including Chris Williams and esteemed composer Bozidar Kos as well as Tristan Coehlo and Peter McNamara with whom I have formed 'Sideband', a composer collective which will release its first CD February 2014.

He has been involved in music education for a number of years, teaching composition, analysis and performance related subjects at the Sydney Conservatorium since 2000, as well as teaching courses at the University of Newcastle, Australian International Conservatorium of Music and various high schools in Sydney.

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