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Chiara Mallozzi is a cellist, composer and researcher living in Naples. She studied Electronic Music at Conser vator y of Naples, with A. Di Scipio and E. Mar tusciello, with par ticular attention to the study of the acoustic phenomenon, the acoustic ecology, the interactions between sound, environment, structures and techniques of composition.
As a cellist, she participates assiduously in the life of heterogeneous symphonic, orchestral and chamber groups, with particular attention to ancient music, contemporary repertoire and improvisation.
As a composer, she works assiduously for theatre and dance, often collaborating with B. Sicca. As a researcher, she is part of puntOorg International Research Network, active in several fields, from physics to neurosciences, from gender studies to musicology, working with composers such as M. Bertoncini and G.Turaccio.
She is Professor of Cello and Chamber music at the Boccioni-Palizzi Musical Institute in Naples.

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