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The 'Città di Udine' International Composition Competition has come a long way, becoming a well-known and consolidated reality with great participation from all over the world and important institutional recognition, including the endorsement of the President of the Republic with his medal of representation at the last six editions.

The initiative, in terms of the number of scores sent to the artistic secretariat, is one of the most important in the sector.

This edition of the competition is supported by the Fondazione Friuli, has received the partnership of ERT (Ente Regionale Teatrale del FVG) and the patronage of the Italian Representation of the European Commission, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Municipality of Udine, the University of Udine and the Società italiana di Musiclogia.

Rai Radio3 is media partner and will follow the competition through the national frequencies with the radio broadcast “Radio3 Suite”.

Among the existing collaborations, it is worth highlighting the one with INA GRM, the prestigious French institution that is a world reference point for electroacoustic music, which has established a prize for one of the winners of the competition, and the consolidated presence of the heirs of Piero Pezzé, who for many editions have established a prize for the section "Compositions for instrumental chamber ensemble" in memory of the Friulian composer who died in 1980.

Also for this edition, thanks to the collaboration with FIDAPA BPW ITALY, an institution that has the purpose of promoting, coordinating and supporting the initiatives of women working in the field of the Arts, a special prize will be awarded to a female composer in the competition.


Who we are:

TEM and Delta Produzioni began their activities in 1995 with the aim of enhancing the production of contemporary music.

Since their establishment, the publishing house and the association, ahead of their time, have used the Internet to convey, without any mediation, ideas and initiatives on a global scale.

From the very beginning, the activities of TEM and Delta Produzioni have focused on the idea of finding performing spaces to create opportunities for confrontation and visibility dedicated to the artists of our time.

In 1995, the first edition of the “Città di Udine” international composition competition was organised in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Comune di Udine, followed in 1996 by the first edition of the 'Contemporanea' festival. And it is within this balance between publishing and the organisation of events for the creation of expressive spaces that lies the strength of the project, which in recent years has seen increasing attention and interest, thanks also to its ability to propose innovative solutions in step with the times.

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